What the Parents Say

Active Kids, Active Minds

“A Close-to-Home Feel”

“A close-to-home feel, with large space and friendly staff.”

- James and Henry’s Mum

“A Great Place”

“Staff are always praising the children and helping them with personal goals. A great place for my child!”

- Obie’s Mum

“My Son Has Thrived”

“Things are tailored to my child and are appropriate for his age. My son has thrived in this nursery”

- Will’s Mum

“Approachable and Open”

“We love the fact that the children use all the space and not just one room. Staff are approachable and open.”

- Nasim’s Mum

“Truly Caring”

“I like the philosophy of fun educating with the help of what nature provides. The staff are truly caring.”

- George’s Mum

“Polite and Helpful”

“The staff are always polite and helpful, encouraging my son to do well in every aspect.”

- Oliver’s Mum

“Children Feel Welcome and at Home”

“Children and parents feel welcome and at home and confident in their environment”

- Amelia’s Mum

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Parents and kids agree that we provide a comfortable and welcoming environment at our nursery.

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