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Our Management Team

Our management team is always available to discuss any issues you may have within the setting of our nursery. One of the managers will always be on the premises during opening times, ensuring your children’s welfare is maintained at all times.

Daksha – Principal

Sian – Nursery Manager

Adventurer's Pre-School Group

Nicola oversees the Pre-School group and monitors children’s progress and making sure they are ready for school by the end of their time with us. New arrivals on our team include Tina, who provides children with plenty of activities based around her previous childcare experience, and Gisela, who is developing her skills and also provides children with Spanish lessons during the week.

Nicola – Deputy Manager/

Pre-School Group

Tina – Early Years Educator/ 

Pre-School Group

Ana – Early Years Educator/

Pre-School Group

Danielle – Early Years Educator/

Pre-School Group

Explorer's Toddler Group

Gisela – Early Years Educator/

Toddler Room Leader

 Clara – Early Years Educator/

Toddler Group

Luke -Toddler Group/

Young 3 Year-Olds

Discoverer's Baby Room

Kate has led our Baby Room since we first set it up and also oversees the children’s progress and Parent Partnerships. Marina is always smiling and happy and very excited about each day! Always full of ideas about how to keep the babies entertained and create an amazing learning environment, they help all children achieve their next steps. Additionally, they also take turns to come up to the main room to settle the children during their transition.

 Kate – Baby Room Manager

Forida – Baby Room Leader

Additonal Staff

As well as our amazing room managers and leaders, we keep on additional staff to ensure that we can maintain a proper staff-child ratio at busy times.

Lauren – Bank Staff

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The dedicated team at our nursery are happy to discuss any enquiries you may have about our services.

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