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Choose a nursery with a genuine home-from-home feel with Active Kids Nursery. Offering a broad array of nursery and pre-school activities all year round, we offer children aged from 3 months to 5 years the chance to explore and learn in our versatile, open plan nursery in Hove, East Sussex. Get in touch today to find out more.

About Our Nursery

“The nursery provides an open plan workshop environment where we take the children’s learning and offer maximum choices for development with high-quality open-ended resources.

Siblings are given time to play as individuals and together developing a family ethos. This allows children within the setting to learn from one another and enhance development.

Children are free in the setting to explore without room restrictions, giving them a safe and stimulating environment to teach and learn.”

- Daksha Amin – Principal, Active Kids Nursery

Our Rooms and Gardens

Appreciating that different age groups learn at different rates, we offer dedicated areas to help children of all ages actively develop their learning skills. We aim to find out as much as we can about each child’s special interests and other activities they enjoy to better understand their home routine. Our three separate gardens, including a forest garden, allow children to interact in their respective age groups, whilst also rotating to keep play-time interesting. 

Carefully planning to cater to each child’s individual needs, we aim to keep everyone happy while offering more challenging activities in order to help them learn and develop. Furthermore, we keep parents involved in the learning process by sending home notes and surveys. During the settling-in sessions, we will ask you to bring in some family pictures to display at the children’s eye level to provide a touch of familiarity.

Activities are planned for smaller groups, (no more than 4 children) to increase the child's focus. We find that smaller groups help children to be more focused, confident, and positive about learning, allowing them to enjoy every activity to the fullest. Our dedicated key workers and staff will help if required.

Granting children access to all areas of the EYFS curriculum, we offer a warm and fun learning environment in which each child can socialise with both older and younger children and learn through play, as well as through educational games and adult-led activities.


Our babies, or discovers, are cared for in a secure, cosy space in a separate room for them to  play and sleep in peace. This room has been specially designed to allow your child to discover their environment freely whilst taking part in daily activities that extend their interests and stimulate their senses. the room backs onto a separate garden for our discoverers to enjoy. As with all of our rooms, we carefully plan fun and educational activities for each child in our care.


Our toddlers, or explorers, are allowed to explore the environment in their own time, with support from staff if they need help finding things or getting used to where their favourite toys are. At Active Kids Nursery, we also use Makaton and visual prompts to communicate with children. 

Using our visual timetable, we aim to help children understand the daily plan and routine. The main room offers a smaller space for 2-year-olds; a cosy area for them to relax and play with toys appropriate for their age.


Although we follow the same curriculum as a school setting, we aim to offer lots of fun, creative, skill-building activities for all children who stay with us right up until they move to reception. This includes yoga to support their wellness as well as physical health. Funding is in place for children who attend our pre-school.

Afterschool Club

For those parents who require care for older siblings or simply to support the after-school routine, we offer an after-school club where children from the age of 4-8 years old can play in a safe environment. We will also offer a hot meal if needed.

Education through Play

At our nursery, we provide fun and creative educational activities for babies, toddlers, and pre-school children.

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Special Subjects, Events & Community Engagement

Our nursery offers lessons in a variety of subject areas, including:


Yoga with Sarah

Sarah joins us every week here at Active Kids Nursery to practice yoga with the children. She explores the topic with the children and gets them to experiment with balancing and other physical techniques. 

This helps to relax and calm the children and we have heard how they go home and show off their new yoga moves to their families and friends.


 Little Kickers

The children look forward to these two weekly sessions with the coaches from Little Kickers where they explore their physical development particularly their gross motor skills tying into our nursery topics.


Our events

We love celebrating special occasions and hosting events for our children. It gives us a chance to involve family and friends when celebrating events like Grandparent's day. We also mark cultural and faith-based festivals such as Chinese New Year, Easter, Christmas and Diwali to teach about the diversity in Brighton & Hove. Dressing up for World Book Day or Red Nose Day gives the chance for our children to be creative, whilst raising money for good causes.



Supporting local causes is very important to us at Active Kids Nursery. This helps us to reach out to our neighbours, whilst also teaching the importance of giving back to our children. We collect food donations for the food bank in Hove and are committed to a greener environment by engaging in commercial recycling. We will also work with care homes in the coming year to help spread some joy to the elderly! 

A Welcoming Learning Environment

Providing a wide range of nursery and pre-school activities, our warm and welcoming learning environment is ideal for young children.

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