If you are looking for a nursery school with a good reputation, a friendly and welcoming environment, a curriculum that inspires your child to enjoy the process of learning, and an overall positive early-years’ experience for your child, look no further than Active Kids Nursery.

At Active Kids Nursery, our aim is to encourage a lifestyle that is both healthy and active by providing a home from home feel with healthy meals, snacks, fruits, as well as clean drinking water and milk. Our services are not just beneficial to your child but to you as a parent as well; we encourage our parents to be a part of our community by taking part in some of our activities, helping the teachers understand the kids better by providing helpful tips and information like your child’s nap time routine, favourite meal and more.

The Best Place for Your Kids

We provide an ideal learning environment for our children incorporating a combination of Spanish language lessons, sports, Yoga and other extra-curricular activities to ensure a balanced learning opportunity for your child. We subscribe to the Forest School ethos which is an inspirational process that encourages all participants to develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experience in an outdoor environment with trees.

This system has proven advantageous because under it all children are seen as unique, equal and are allowed to choose and direct their own learning experiences. The children are furthermore encouraged to develop positive relationships with themselves and each other. In addition, our nursery has been certified “good” by the Office for Standards in Education, which shows the development and care of your child is of utmost importance to us.

We enjoy quality interaction with our community with visits from the dentist as well as exploring the local shops and facilities. These interactions help achieve our goal of creating an environment where children are stimulated to explore indoors and outdoors, where they are free to be themselves and learn through play and fun activities all under the supervision of our caring and supporting staff.

As part of our mission statement, promoting health and a sense of well-being and kindness to others, encompasses all we do. The provision of Yoga classes could be described as a perfect mirroring of our ethos; creating a relaxing, calming atmosphere for our young toddlers and pre-school children which offers a distinct contrast to the high energy, group led play at other points in the day, completing our fully reflective miniature environment.

Our Children

Active Kids Nursery understands the importance of play in the learning process of kids below the age of six, and the development of skills required in the years to come. Our curriculum is structured after the national EYFS, and draws upon the widely acclaimed methods of Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia teaching theories.

We believe every parent desires their child be taken care of in a way that contributes to his/her mental development, promotes creativity and encourages independence. Based on this belief, we have created three classes; the baby class is for babies from 6 to 12 months, the toddler class for kids age 1 to 3 and our nursery class for kids’ age 3 to 5.

Our baby class enrolees are watched over by qualified care givers who ensure they are fed, cleaned and exercised in the comfort of the space provided. Their room was designed specially to allow the babies explore freely while at the same time participating in daily activities intended to stimulate their minds and encourage mental development. We maintain a good baby to staff ratio because we are aware of the attachments formed by kids to caregivers and how this gives them a sense of security. We involve parents by keeping them updated on our activities and sending out a schedule of planned activities for the following week as well as surveys and notes.

Our toddler class comprises mostly of two year olds. We encourage every member of this class to learn through play under the watchful supervision of our competent teachers. We take advantage of circle time to explain the day’s activities to the children as well as make use of our own visual timetable to provide a better understanding of the routines. In the main room we have created a smaller space for two year olds, a cosy area for them to relax and play with toys appropriate for their age. They also have a separate designated nap area where they rest comfortably while taking a break from their vigorous activities.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum is made accessible to our pre-schoolers while providing a fun learning environment. We try to create a sense of familiarity by using information obtained from our interaction with the parents as a base for their daily routine. We incorporate your child’s special interest(s) in their playtime to further expand their knowledge and make learning fun. We aim to prepare your children for the next phase of their education by making sure they develop good communication and language skills, gain independence and develop their confidence and self-esteem.

Our Policies

At Active Kids Nursery, we believe it is the right of every child to be treated with respect, and protected from any and all forms of abuse. We do not discriminate against any of our students, parents, teachers, volunteers or anyone else in society on grounds of gender, race, religion, political beliefs, class and more. It is important to us that our children respect and accept people from backgrounds different from theirs.