Here at Active Kids Nursery Hove we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of extra activities. We find children progress best by engaging in activities and expanding their knowledge through physical exploration

Spanish with Anaid

Anaid originally comes to Active Kids Nursery Hove from Barcelona in Spain so is a native Spanish speaker.  The children engage with Anaid and enjoy joining in with Spanish songs and rhymes.  The children show a great interest in learning another language and are often asking Anaid when they can learn Spanish.

Our Spanish sessions are offered at Active Kids Nursery Hangleton throughout the week at different times; Anaid tends to arrange sessions but will incorporate it into the day whenever the children show interest.  Parents have told us on numerous occasions how pleased they are with what their children have learnt through these sessions; the children had been going home talking about colours, numbers and animals.


Ballet with Shannon

Shannon is a trained Ballet teacher and has taught many children whilst she was living in Spain for 15 years.  We are lucky to have Shannon working with us here at Active Kids Nursery as depending on the children’s interests, Ballet is offered throughout the week at different times.  The children really engage with Shannon and she brings a real fun quality to learning Ballet and makes it something that all children of ages/sexes can get involved in.  The topic is normally incorporated into our activities to help the children gain real understanding of what we are learning.


Yoga with Eva

Eva joins us here at Active Kids Nursery from Little Sages weekly to practice yoga with the children. We try to fit her in the week through different times so all children can have a chance to enjoy a yoga session. Eva really explores the topic with the children and helps the children to relax and calm them.  The children really enjoy these sessions as they get to experiment with balancing and other physical techniques.

We have heard how they go home showing off their yoga moves to their families and friends.


Multi-Sports with Glenn

Glenn joins us here at Active Kid’s Nursery Hangleton around twice a week.  The children really look forward to these sessions as it is their opportunity to experiment with different games and sports.  The children have really bonded with Glenn and show good understanding of what is asked when he arrives.  There are a wide range of activities involved which is great as all children, big or small, can explore and get involved.  So far the children have enjoyed football, obstacle courses, basketball, hide-and-seek and various other physical activities.  It has really helped to improve the children’s co-ordination and gross motor skills as well as their listening and communication skills.


Forest School with Renata & Lauren

This is offered at Active Kids Nursery throughout the week to all children as what we pride ourselves on as a setting is being involved with Forest School philosophies.  Renata and Lauren have a lot of experience with working with the outdoors and the children really enjoy learning and exploring the outdoors either within our setting or out and about in nature.  It offers the children the experience to take risks and learn through exploration and to learn through their own processes and findings with support from an adult.  The children enjoy learning about nature and not only the outside environment but also what can be recreated indoors to support this.


Our staff’s priority is to provide a friendly atmosphere for both children and parents.

Play Areas

We ensure that play areas are setup each day to reinforce different areas of the EYFS and promote your child’s development.


All our staff are fully qualified and trained in every aspect of the EYFS.


We draw from a variety of educational teaching styles including The Montessori Approach, The Waldorf Approach and The Reggio Emilia Approach.


When planning our ratios we always ensure that experienced staff members accompany junior ones.


If Children under the age of 6 years are gently encouraged to learn through interesting games, they pick up skills that will help them maintain an edge through their lives.

Ofsted Graded GOOD